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                         Top Ten Reasons To Choose A Cruise                    

1.  Choose to cruise for Value.
One price buys your accommodations, entertainment, dining and more.

2.  Choose to cruise for Romance.
Secluded beaches, en suite dining on a balcony overlooking the ocean and spa services for two are just some of the romantic options available.

3.  Choose to cruise for Variety.
You have many different ships, worldwide ports-of-call and a huge selection of places to see and things to do.  For even more choice , you can consider a pre- or post-land tour.

4.  Choose to cruise for Activities.
Fill your days with sightseeing, sports activities, culture lectures, guided educational tours, or you can simply lounge by the pool and relax.  In the evening, enjoy dancing festivities, musical revues, gaming or a quiet evening on the deck.

5.  Choose to cruise for Simplicity.
Don't come back from your vacation needing a vacation.  Planning a cruise is simple with many choices that you can make depending on your personal desires.  Our travel consultants can handle all of the details.  Once you are on board, nearly all expenses are pre-paid...this makes it hassle-free for you.

6.  Choose to cruise for Cuisine.
Treat your taste buds with gourmet fare that showcases exotic ingredients, old standbys like pizza and ice cream, or spa cuisine for a healthy alternative.  Depending on your mood, dine in a traditional restaurant setting, a small bistro or a casual eatery.  The choice will be yours.

7.  Choose to cruise for New Horizons.
Fall asleep in one destination and awake to a new horizon and place of adventure.  And you have to pack and unpack only once!

8.  Choose to cruise for Family.
Families love to cruise.  There are children's programs, kid friendly menus and tours of the ship that will keep your children happy, while affording you some well-deserved time to relax.

9.  Choose to cruise for Pampering.
Regardless of your budget, all cruise lines pamper their guests with first class service around the clock.

10.  Choose to cruise for Satisfaction.
It's a fact that cruises have a higher percentage of satisfied customers than any other vacation experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a passport?
Photo Identification is required for all guests.  In most cases a passport is required for all cruises especially when transiting a foreign port.  Ask our travel consultants what visas, passports and other travel authorizations documents are required based on your nationality and country of residence.  Government regulations are continually being modified and it is best to be prepared.  Also, it's important to ensure that you check your passport expiration date meets the immigration and port requirements.  Allow plenty of time to apply for a first time passport or a renewal so that your vacation plans are not delayed. 

What should I pack?   
Pack like you would for any resort.  Cruise vacations are casual by day, whether you are on ship or are on shore.  In the evening, ships vary as to dress.  As on shore, attire is can be based on the occasion.  At the Captain's Gala , for example, you will probably want to dress more formal, such as a dark suit, dinner jacket, cocktail dress or gown.  Our travel consultant will be able to assist with any questions that you may have.

Do cruise lines accept group bookings?
Most cruise lines welcome groups and often at special rates, depending on how large the group.  Policies vary from company to company and the time of sailing.  Consult our travel consultants for complete details and pricing.

Are cruises safe? 
Yes, North American cruise lines have compiled the best safety record in the travel industry while transporting, entertaining and pampering tens of millions of people throughout the world.  The cruise industry's highest priority is to ensure the safety and security of it's passengers and crew.  The industry goes to great lengths to ensure that it passengers are safe and that they have a fun and enjoyable vacation experience.  A cruise ship is comparable to a secure facility with a 24-hour security guard.  It has a controlled environment with limited access.

Is motion discomfort a problem?
Rarely.  Popular cruise itineraries chart some of the calmest waters in the world.  Additionally, stabilizers on modern ships, availability of advance weather information, and development of effective preventative medications have, for the most part, reduced or eliminated the incidence of motion discomfort.

Are there laundry services aboard ship?
Almost all cruise ships have laundry facilities and many provide dry-cleaning services.  There is, however, an additional charge for professional laundry and dry-cleaning services.  Many ships also have self-service launderettes.

What about tipping?
Tipping is a matter of personal preference.  A general rule of thumb is to plan for about $3.50 per person per day for your cabin steward and dining room waiter, and about half that amount for your busboy.  Other ship-board personnel can be tipped for special services at your discretion.  A few cruise lines include tipping in the price and will so inform you, while others maintain a no tipping policy.

Are there medical services on board?
While cruise ships are not comprehensive medical facilities, cruise lines understand that some people may have health needs during a cruise.  They are committed to providing first response and emergency care to guests until they can be transferred to a shoreside medical facility.  Most cruise lines have 24-hour medical services and staff operating under guidelines developed in conjunction with the American College of Emergency Physicians,  Cruise lines and travel consultants encourage vacationers to obtain medical insurance, travel with adequate supplies of medical prescriptions and devices and to disclose pre-existing medical conditions before sailing.

Can I get a special diet?
Most ships can accommodate salt-free, low carbohydrate, low cholesterol, diabetic, or other diet preferences.  This request should be made in advance, so be sure to advise our travel consultant when you book your cruise.

What about meal times?
Choices and more choices.  During the day there are many meal options-in the formal dining room, on deck, in a pizzeria and at an espresso bar.  At night, most ships offer several venues.  Some ships dining rooms can accommodate all guests at one time, called a "seating."  Many ships offer you a choice of several seating times, and others offer multiple restaurants for "anytime" dining.  More traditional ships have two seatings in their formal  dining rooms, which differ only by time: typically 6:00 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.  To choose, just decide whether you prefer to dine early or late - then have your travel consultant request your preference when you book your cruise.  The choice is yours.